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Variant 10 Spring 2000
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NATO's Reign of Terror in Kosovo - Michel Chossudovsky
Investigative journalism unmasking today's political culture.  A urgent contribution to understanding (and countering) how public opinion is misled about the KLA provisional government and NATO ordained assassinations of political opponents.  First appeared in the US journal Covert Action.
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The Academy Awards - William Clark
A mocking review of the (at times) hopelessly obtruse approach of a collection of academic essays on 'film studies': 'The New American Cinema' (John Lewis Ed.).  Tania Modelski's arch psychobabble is singled out for its particularly flawed reasoning.
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'You're twisting my melon man' - William Clark

The Happy Monday's could never feature in the ridiculously pretentious 'Noise Water Meat' (A history of Sound in the Arts) by Douglas Khan.  Again Clark uses the journalistically despised 'Book Review' format to cover wider ground than the immediate material would suggest.
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Good Proportions for a good music - Fabienne Audéud
A dull 'Frieze' article is the starting point for an excellent, informed polemic. This reveals the thoughtless moves to confine freedom of expression, particularly evident in contemporary 'art rock'.  Audéud identifies the channelling of musical production into a narrow conformity which fails to understand basic 20th century developments in the avant-garde and experimental music.
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Criminal Justice - National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns
The continuing attacks on refugees and asylum seekers are put in context in a positive article which appeals to a more humane and aware approach beyond using the subject as a political football.
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Tales of the Great Unwashed - Ian Brotherhood
A very powerful short story - which every reader will be moved by - conveys a palpable mental tension of a trapped existence.
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Supplement - Non Place Urban Realm
The title comes from an exhibition and series of seminars at the South London Gallery, August 99.  The first section is a discussion between Anthony Iles, Craig Martin and Peter Suchin which covers the general themes of the exhibition.  This is augmented by contributions from artists groups such as Mongrel, Flambera and Inventory.
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Class-ifying Contemporary Cinema - Tom Jennings
David Lynch becomes the focus for Jenning's exploration of the merging of stylistic forms of contemporary cinema.
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Zine & Comics review - Mark Pawson
Pawson's friendly and entertaining style guides us round some intriguing material including work from Charles Burns' 'Big Baby', Gary Panter's 'Facetasm' and the curious 'Check my Chips' by 'Dave the Chimp'.
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'It could be an eye...' - Neil Mulholland
A considered, intelligent, finely measured review of the tediously pompous Julian Stallabrass' turgid attempt to cash in on the equally dull hype of 'yBa'.
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Tradgedy & Hope - Robin Ramsay
An entertaining look at the writing of US Historian Carroll Quigley; Long ignored because of his revealing theories on covert transatlantic power elites.  Ramsay explores the peculiarities of Quigley's adoption by right-wing conspiracy theorist (and Bill Clinton).  
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