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Variant, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Advertising 2012

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'No matter how much theory is disguised or repressed, there is no practice without theory. The theory that practice has nothing to do with theory is a theory, a disingenuous and naïve one, but none the less a theory.'
- Terry Atkinson

Variant is an intentionally free arts and culture magazine with a cross-disciplinary approach to publishing. It is a multi-layered project which brings creative practices and academic discourses together to critically engage our conditions of culture.

Please note: As in every year before, the dates set out below are provisional until we can confirm in (we expect) early April 2012 that we have been successful in attaining Creative Scotland annual 'investment', which would then make the dates for the physical magazine concrete :

  online issue -
Variant, issue 43, Spring 2012
Publication Date: Monday 2nd April
Issue Covers: April to & including July 
  hard copy -
Variant, issue 43, Spring 2012
Advertising Copy Date: Monday 30th April
Publication Date: Monday 14th May
Issue Covers: mid-May to & including July

  online & hard copy -
Variant, vol.3, issue 1, Summer 2012
Advertising Copy Date: Monday 23rd July
Publication Date: Mon 6th August
Issue Covers: August to & including November

  online & hard copy -
Variant, vol.3, issue 2, Winter 2012
Advertising Copy Date: Monday 19th November
Publication Date: Monday 3rd December
Issue Covers: December to & including April 2013

Content - Variant commissions and develops research/ writing that explicitly addresses the fields of cultural production alongside writing on issues that inform or have consequences for the very production and subjects of knowledge.

Variant offers detailed reviews and critical analysis of cultural issues in their fuller social and political contexts. This broad cross-section of content reflects multiple areas of concern, not only to specialist interests of academic communities but to wider society – these range from exploring the urban experience to examining policy formation to locating contemporary cultural practice to interrogating knowledge formation itself. As such, Variant endeavours to have a diversity of content that may deal with highly specialised issues but seeks to relay them in a manner that is clear and engaging for the diverse readership reflective of its open distribution.

- Variant is a freely distributed, 48 page tabloid newsprint publication, grayscale with colour options, published 3 times a year. Variant also publishes dedicated supplements.

- Ordinarily we print and freely distribute 10,000 copies of each issue, which easily translates to a readership of over 30,000. This includes bulk dispatches to arts, cultural, and educational outlets throughout the UK. The broad range of distribution outlets encompasses: art schools, university campuses & departments; artist-run spaces & studios; galleries & museums; theatre and performance events; symposiums and conferences; cultural research centres; art house cinemas; internet cafes; pubs & clubs; book shops and libraries; and a large international subscription base including major educational institutions; artists & cultural workers; cultural & arts writers; journalists; educators & academics; specific interest groups.

- Advertisements can be accepted via email, or on disc in a number of formats (with a hard copy of the ad included):
1. As an image file: tiff, jpeg, eps, PDF (Scaled to print size at 300dpi)
2. As an InDesign file (with relevant fonts and images, logo’s etc included)
3. Alternatively, for an additional 15% Variant offers an in house design service. Simply forward text and images to Variant.
4. Provide pantone to match for one spot colour.

Advertising Rates


T - Tall W - Wide

NEW - sixteenth page - £80 / €100
T40mm W124mm
T85mm W60mm

eighth page - £150 / €180
T85mm W124mm
T174mm W60mm
T40mm W252mm

quarter page - £250 / €300
T174mm W124mm
T352mm W60mm
T85mm W252mm

half page - £475 / €575
T174mm W252mm
T352mm W124mm

full page (including full colour) - £900 / €1100
T352mm W252mminside front/back cover (including full colour) - £1100 / €1350
T352mm W252mm

back cover (including full colour) - £1250 / €1500
T352mm W252mm

double page spread (including full colour) - £1500 / €1800
T352mm W528mm

Please note Variant does not charge VAT.

Special Rates
• series discount (3 insertions) or prepaid advert - 20%
• copy set & prepared by Variant +15%
• full colour (unless otherwise stated) +20%

2012 Copy Deadlines & Publication Dates

Please note minor changes to the publishing schedule may be announced from time to time.

Payment & Conditions
Invoices will be sent after publication of the current issue, conditions of payment 30 days net.
Please check all details in ads before sending, if there are any errors please contact Variant immediately and we will try to work with you on rectifying them.
Variant is not responsible for errors in ads that derive from damage or corruption of delivered material.
Ads that are cancelled within 7 days before material deadline will be charged in full.
Please make cheques payable to: 'Variant'
Or to pay via Bank Transfer (with Remittance), please contact Variant directly for payment details.

Booking Form
Download booking form here (PDF).


Variant, Glasgow, Scotland, UK