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Variant 1 Winter 1996
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Issue one contained an editorial (text   pdf) outlining the events which led to the withdrawal of funds and subsequent closure of the magazine and also reproduced some of the mountain of letters (text) which were sent to the SAC as a protest.

Palingenesis of the Avant-Garde - Stewart Home
Home analyses contemporary thought on the nature of avant-garde practice introducing a 'teleological' overview rather than a serial historical one (linking the growth of ideas rather than the forging of 'movements').

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Getting Carried Away - Dave Beech
Using recent developments in young British art Beech concentrates on theconcept of pleasure - how it has been re-framed, how notions of beautyare challenged.

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African & Asian Visual ArtistsArchive - Sonia Boyce
Boyce provides information on the Bristol based African & Asian ArtistsArchive set up by Eddie Chambers in the 80s.

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No one ever suddenly became depraved - William Clark
Clark satires (by praise and reversal) the recent career of Julian Spalding - the title comes from Juvenal.

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Caught in the Web - Alistair Dickson
Outlining the growth of 'art on the web' Dickson looks at thefreedom and restrictions provided by the lines of communication offered by the new technology.

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Focail láidire, i nglóríseal - Leigh French
French explores the development of 'the Irish theme pub' as a cultural phenomena.

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E-time, E-space, Emotion - Michael Donaghy
A darkly sardonic look at the work of the respected but little known theorist E. M. Cioran.


Club Adorno - GrahamRamsay
A collage of cultural influences collide in a work of humorous fiction- masking as a transcript of an interview between Adorno, techno ravers and a postmodernist sociologist.

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The Return of the Real - Peter Suchin
An in depth review of Hal Foster's highly influential writing.
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- John Roberts
Roberts' in depth and incisive critique of his New Left Review colleague's book exposed flaws in contemporary viewpoints as to the relevance of much recent British art.
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British Rubbish - DavidBurrows
Burrows' article complemented Roberts' to an extent with a review of Sue Webster and Tim Noble's exhibition at London's IndependentArt Space.
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Hybrid Electronica: Currentexperimental CD releases - Robert H King
King reviews contemporary hybrid musical forms.
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Tea and Videos in Paris - Louise Crawford
Crawford writing in an engaging style gives a personal appraisal of informalartist-run video presentations in Paris.
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There's no success like failure - Stewart Home
Home interviews former KLF member Jimmy Cauty in the bizarre circumstances of his latest media hype.
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Witch | Lorna Miller - Sheelagh Sussman
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