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Variant 15 Summer 2002
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Following the refusal of Variant's right to appeal, responses to the Scottish Arts Council's legal assault on Variant and their false assurances that their judgments are based solely on "artistic merit".
Letters continued


A Lovely Curiousity, Raymond Roussel
William Clark
In-depth look at the little know yet highly influential French, literary figure and his complex methodology for writing.
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Asian Alternative Space
Andrew Lam

Based in Hong Kong, Lam examines artist-run spaces, their associated cultural production and impact on developments of identity within Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Macau, Taipei.
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Gareth Williams
Ed Baxter
Obituary to founder member of This Heat, whose recalcitrant experimentation led them far away from mainstream success.
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Dodgy Analogy
John Barker
Thorough de-mystification and counter to the post-modernist use of natural science analogies in (amongst other things) the depoliticisation of inequality.
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Bloody Hell
An American Nurse
"How long can the rest of the world watch this, doing nothing?"
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Tales of the Great Unwashed
Ian Brotherhood
A thoughtful and provocative reflection on the social poverty, fear and intimidation indicative of the casual labour, service industry economy.
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Muslims and the West after September 11
Pervez Hoodbhoy
Based on a speech at the Center for Inquiry, International Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, historical account and secular, humanist response to Islamic Fundamentalism and US Imperialism.
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Desire and kind of Playfulness
Copenhagen Free University, Exchange
Following in a long tradition of self- worker-educational groups, the CFU question the exclusion of personal knowledge, experience and desire in the phantasmic 'knowledge economy'.
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Artists Initiatives in Moscow
Gillian McIver
An overview of artist-run spaces in Moscow. Despite their surface similarities to such spaces in western europe, the commitment to experimentation and differences in celebrity status remain stark.
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Collective Cultural Action
Critical Art Ensemble
From artists to activists, how people collectively organise to overcome alienation and skewed power relations to achieve concrete results.
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Zine and Comic reviews
Mark Pawson
Strange print creations from Pawson's recent trip to Japan.
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The March
The story of the historic Scottish hunger march

Harry McShane
First hand account of a little known, momentous event in labor history. A true fight for social justice against poverty.
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