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Variant 19 Spring 2004
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Holger Mohaupt, 'Local Resistance', Genoa 2003



Video purified of television: On why video art wants to be boring, Beech & Beagles, Variant no. 18,
A response from Rachel Garfield and John Timberlake

From Porridge to Pelf: Young Adam and the Mysterious Scottish Film Industry, Mike Small, Variant no. 18,
A response from May Miles Thomas, Director of Elemental Films, and Small's reply.

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Begins with events highlighting the development of the 'embedding' of journalists within the US's Police and Paramilitary forces.
Followed by the letter to Scotland's Cultural Officials challenging the proposed take over of the visual arts space Tramway2 by Scottish Ballet.
Ends with an overview of the Tramway situation and a questioning of the expected changes to Scotland's cultural infrastructure - the establishment of a singular Cultural Agency subservient to the Scottish Executive.

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Women still in Profile
Social & Cultural Projects: Women's Strategies in Glasgow

Round table discussion documenting the crucial, often under represented work of:
Frock On
Glasgow Women's Library
Sandyford Initiative
National Office of Rape Crisis Scotland

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A low down dirty lack of shame
Tom Jennings

A superb class analysis of Channel 4's new drama series Shameless. "Gone is the tragic pessimism which can only be overcome by individual heroism or the painstaking work of diligent self-improvement."

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Letter from Palestine
Joyce Carmichael

A harrowing account of the horrors and atrocities suffered simply surviving in Palestine/Westbank.
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Jews for Justice for Palestinians

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Documentary from No-man's Land
'Prisoner of the Caucasus' and Document 1

Doug Aubrey

A balanced critical review of Glasgow's long overdue International Human Rights Film Festival. Aubrey particularly focuses on the poetic, raw and sickening film 'Prisoner of the Caucasus'.

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Evaluating the social impact of participation in arts activities
A critical review of François Matarasso's Use or Ornament?

Paola Merli

A much needed incisive critique of the highly influential work of François Matarasso, the ambassador of arts Social Inclusion policy.

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Wasting our powers away
Stephen Dawber

Review of the recently published books: 'Culture Incorporated: Museums, Artists, and Corporate Sponsorship', 'Arts Under Pressure: Promoting Cultural Diversity in the Age of Globalization', 'Privatising Culture: Corporate Art Intervention Since the 1980s'. "What is striking about all these books is their empirical density: under sheer weight of evidence, it seems, the liberal self-congratulation of the early 1990s has mutated into a clear-headed understanding that the capturing of public culture for private interests undermines democracy."

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Neither Great Nor Glorious
John Chalmers & Sandra Marrs

A haunting, impassioned account of the dark yet beautiful comic book 'Warburger: forgotten or overlooked aspects of war'.

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