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Variant 24 Winter 2005

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: Andrew Murray


It’s Corporatocracy, Stupid! : Culture Commission

An overview and critique of Scotland’s Culture Commission’s proposals, where "The problem’s so bad quite a lot of the professionals can’t even see the politics anymore."

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The Ship of Fools : A Fictional Reality
Hope Roberts

"Those with severe mental health problems, long term illness or learning disabilities are being further handicapped, their lives limited by pointless levels of bureaucracy which cause unimaginable stress to them, their families and care workers."

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I am Curious—Red

Alexander Kennedy talks to Bruce LaBruce about his new film ‘The Raspberry Reich’, where subversive sexuality and radical anti-capitalist politics becomes cultural terrorism.

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How to live when the war comes home
Paul Chatterton

A series of reflections on the violence our society is built upon -- that our ‘peace’ rests on and is complicit with the uses of global violence -- ultimately expounding the need for an internationalist morality.

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The faction that fools the world
Mike Small

Prompted by involvement in the Edinburgh International Book Festival, a reminder of the arch-entryism of the LM Network, now operating through key media institutions and the professional media class.

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Breaking Cover
Tom Jennings

Jennings "follows some of the implications in investigating the significance of the hijab (headscarf), which is the focus of considerable current attention. Work by artists related to the veil and identity is briefly summarised in terms of how European Muslim women see and present themselves, and two recent photographic exhibitions tackling this subject are described."

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Comic & Zine Reviews
Mark Pawson

Once again, we have managed to force Pawson to lay bare his intimate knowledge of print world selections for your perusal and sheer delight, including: Coleccion Golosina, Crap Hound #5, Dirty Found, Trodden Underfoot, Anthropology a Go-Go, Helping You Find The Right Jewellery, Yeah, It Is!, Dead Pan #2, In The Time of Your Life, DIY: the rise of lo-fi culture, Swindle, Snazz, Don’t Bother...

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Armchair Spartans and the ‘D’ word
John Barker

"Barker examines America's 'stern white men', the intellectual warriors of neoliberalism, and finds them struggling to reconcile their psycho-political economy of discipline and restraint with the defensive manoeuvring of capitalism in crisis. Far from producing an Anglo-saxon rerun of Sparta based on restraint, will power and competition, American neoliberal policies have spawned the nightmare of hyper-consumption, spiralling debt, over-work linked obesity and wars-by-proxy fought by 'green card soldiers'." Metamute

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Re-presented Notes on Summits & Counter Summits
Andrew X,Y,Z

A short, provocative, brutally cynical look at the G8 protests wondering what, if any, effective outcomes were or can be achieved, or were even sought, beyond the pervasive spectacle of protest?

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Afflicted Powers
Owen Logan

"In an extended examination of post-September 11th geopolitics, the writers [of ‘Afflicted Powers’] enter into a direct polemic against capitalism today, naming names and exposing the system’s most dubious mechanisms. They are also willing to question the vanguardist inheritance of the Left and some of the too simple arguments which have animated dissent in recent times. They regard these as added burdens in the task of opposing the destructive forces of ‘militarised neo-liberalism’, a multi-layered oil-driven economy, entrenched zionism and ‘revolutionary Islam’."

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Social Housing Privatisation
City Strolls

From the experiences of those directly affected, an attempt to cut through the propaganda of the restructuring and planned privatisation of social housing in Glasgow and their collective struggles against it.

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Doc3This issue contained the programme for Document 3
Human Rights International Documentary Film Festival

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