The Strickland Distribution is an artist-run group supporting the development of independent research in art-related and non-institutional practices. Art-related includes research forms that directly implement artistic practice as a means of research method. Non-institutional includes forms of grass-roots histories, social enquiries and projects developed outside of academic frameworks and by groups and individuals normally excluded from such environments. The research will be developed through commissioning of new projects, dissemination in publications, exhibitions and events, networking to build links between groups and practitioners internationally, and evaluation through public discussion and peer review. The Strickland Distribution will operate in the public sphere and seek to stimulate and contribute to public education, discourse and debate around the topics and themes addressed through its projects.


Radical Media Forum

6 August 2011 (initial meeting)

29 October 2011

14 January 2012

The Radical Media Forum is a regular meeting for left-aligned politically-engaged media practitioners, activists and researchers. Participants include those working with: film/video and television, online media and Indymedia, radio, books and print publication, community and media events, archives, and media research. It is open to individuals and groups working at any level across voluntary activist and community-based media to those working within mainstream and academic contexts.


Freedom of Association in the Networked Workplace: discussion workshop

Constant-Variable, Brussels, Belgium, Thursday 26 January 2012

Ongoing developments in IT and social media are changing the boundaries and structure of the workplace, causing a blurring of distinctions between private and work-related activities. This is raising new issues in regard to the extent of surveillance applied by businesses towards their employees. Attempts to control workplace communications are however conflicting with a number of basic employment rights. This panel seeks to address these issues with a specifi c focus on the potential impacts of emerging surveillance cultures on the rights of freedom of association in the networked workplace.


Right To The City: Glasgow

2 July 2010, CCA, Glasgow

30 October 2010, Kinning Park Complex

22 January 2011, Partick Burgh Halls

26 June 2011, CCA, Glasgow

A special screening of The Empty Plan (2010) by Anja Kirschner and David Panos followed by an open discussion.


Right to the City Forum has been running events since last summer creating spaces for discussion, and exploring ideas of community activism and how to define our own lives.

Workers City Group

Part of ‘Not by the Book’ Exhibition and Programme of Events 6-23 October 2016


Education Forum
22nd January 2011, Partick Burgh Halls

The Workers City group, Glasgow 1990: In What Sense, if any, an image of the future?, Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, Friday the 29th of January, 18.30


Autonomia: A Reading Group

July & August 2011, The Free Hetherington

October & November 2011, Transmission Gallery

Autonomy is a concept much discussed, but perhaps less well understood. This may well be due to the relative neglect of autonomist thought in the UK compared to other European countries such as Italy, France and Greece. This reading group aims to make inroads into that neglect by exploring in detail four classic texts from the movement of Italian Autonomist Marxism; a movement widely considered as the most advanced expression of autonomist thought in the 20th century.


Knowledge is Never Neutral

A series of projects organised by The Strickland Distribution taking place from September 2012 to June 2013 within and outside Transmission gallery space.


knowledge is never neutral seeks to foreground histories-from-below, collective learning, and constitutive forms of collaborative practice

An economy of appearances

Concerns the publication, discussion and dissemination of three bodies of working-class self- education and communication documents from the Workers City group relating to counter- gentrification struggles in Glasgow in the late 1980s and early '90s: The Workers' City, The Reckoning, The Glasgow Keelie.


Austerity Urbanism:

A Walk Through the Fictional City



A public walk/discussion incorporating Glasgow’s proposed new ‘cultural quarter’ and canal development, combining critical practices of urban geography with collective urban exploration.


A Future at Our Backs! Autonomy on Film

A series of screenings/ readings/ discussions of ‘Autonomous’ films which explore the meaning and diversity of the movement from the mid-1960s onwards.


Co-research: subjectivities and conditions of culture as labour

A series of readings/ discussions on contemporary possibilities for co-research and DIY-inquiry, leading to a co-research project which investigates the conditions of cultural labour.

-- Reading group on co-research and alternative forms of inquiry

-- Co-research Project: subjectivities and Conditions of Culture as Labour

-- Co-research Project: Political Positioning Beyond the Institution – workshop


All Knees and Elbows of Susceptibility and Refusal: Reading History From Below

Publication launches and workshops to explore histories-from-below: an approach that attends to subjects, forms of agency, struggles and areas often omitted from official historical studies.


Competitive Cultural Nationalism

A workshop exploring curatorial practices elsewhere in Europe which have undertaken critical appraisals of ‘competitive cultural nationalism’, especially countries similarly undergoing nationalist assertions of identification.


Workers City Archive

Workers City Archive


Workers City (1988)



The Reckoning (1990)


The Glasgow Keelie (1990-1993)
PDFs @


This site contains an archive of texts – Workers City (1988), The Reckoning (1990) and the The Keelie (1990-93) – all produced by the Workers City group in the context of challenging the logics of public-private interests before, during, and after Glasgow City Council’s hosting of the European City of Culture in 1990.