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It is unfortunate that we have to inform you that Variant has been 'unsuccessful' in our funding application to Creative Scotland.

As a result Variant for the first time since 1996, when Variant was relaunched as a free newsprint and online publication, is in the position of having to suspend publication.

We will continue to work towards Variant resuming publication as soon as possible, at which point we would hope to restart our current subscription commitments.

In the meantime we would like to thank you for your continuing support,
   the Variant editorial group, July 2012

Last hard copy issue available is Variant, vol.2, no.42, Winter 2011

Variant has a large and growing international subscription base, including major national and international educational institutions.

To receive the newsprint magazine via post, a three issue (one year) subscription to Variant is:

UK £15
EC €20


cheques payable to 'Variant'

Use the PayPal form below, otherwise payment through PayPal is to:
(please remember to include postal details)

Please note: As in every year before, the 2012 dates set out below are provisional until we can confirm in (we expect) early April 2012 that we have been successful in attaining Creative Scotland annual 'investment', which would then make the dates for the physical magazine concrete. For this reason we understand if you should wish to wait to subscribe/ renew your subscription until a time as we can confirm the following publication schedule:

Variant, issue 43, Spring 2012
Online Publication Date: Monday 2nd April
Issue Covers: April to & including July
Hard Copy Publication Date: Monday 14th May
Issue Covers: mid-May to & including July

Variant, vol.3, issue 1, Summer 2012
Online & Hard Copy Publication Date: Mon 6th August
Issue Covers: August to & including November

Variant, vol.3, issue 2, Winter 2012
Online & Hard Copy Publication Date: Monday 3rd December
Issue Covers: December to & including April 2013

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Back Issues:
Back issues of Variant volume 2 no.s 1-3, 5-42 are available at £5.00 per issue, including p&p
Variant volume 2, no. 4 is available as a photo-copy at £5.00, including p&p

Variant, Scotland, UK

e-mail: variantmag at posteo dot net (as of June 2019)

Terms and Conditions of Subscription

- Print and Online Access
Subscription is for print and online access.

- Preferred Payment Method and Currency
Individuals - Payment via cheque or PayPal.
Agencies/ Institutions - Payment via cheque in £ GBP or bank transfer.
Payment must be received in full prior to the commencement of subscription or delivery of the magazine.

- Renewals
Annual renewals continue with the next issue in order and not the next annual subscription period.

- Agency Discounts and Fees
Prices listed are what Variant expects to receive per subscription from the Subscriber and/or the Subscription Company/Agency acting on behalf of the Subscriber. Any service commission is between the subscription service and its client (the Subscriber) and is not to be subtracted from what Variant receives in subscription payments. Our low subs costs are such that we are not in a position to grant commission fees to agencies.

- Claims and Cancellations
Variant will seek to uphold all claims to missing back issues upon postage.
Variant does not refund a whole or part of a subscription in the event of cancellation.
In the event of intermittent publication, Variant will retain subscriptions until a time of publication. Should Variant cease publication, all subscriptions are non-refundable. (Please be aware that as an organisation reliant on public support, Variant's production is precarious.)

- Data Protection
The Publisher and Agency, Individual or Organisation subscribing understand that the terms of contracts require full confidentiality from all third parties and as such is not covered by the Freedom of Information (Scotland) act 2002. The personal information provided by the Subscriber will be held on a database by Variant and will not be shared.


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