Variant No. 1

p.1 Hopes and Fears.
The nearest thing you'll find to an editorial statement in this magazine.

p.3 We gotta get outta this place.
Ray McKenzie & Peter Seddon argue for a real Scottish art to replace the self satisfied parochialism of the official artists

p.4 The UnderRrowth of Criticism.
Jumbo Mumbo ... Critics trashed by Ian Brotherhood.

p.5 Notes from a work book.
A short story by Farquhar McLay.

p.7 'It is hard to locate our tormentor ...'
The supercession of creativity by art and the definition of the form of art by men. A proposal for a feminist art by Gerrie Fellows.

p.8 The' Permanent Curfew of Space and Time.
Ian Brown explains where he thinks current architecture is going.

p.11 Scottish art now & cultural guerillas.
Lacerating attacks on the Scottish art establishment and a look at the work of two artists attempting to create a generally relevant art. Fergus More.

p.14 Context and Desire. For an art of ideas.
For an art that challenges the mainstream: by Malcolm Dickson

p.17 Michelangelo's Socks.
Art/Crime ... Crime/Art. Simon Brown.

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