Variant issue 12 Summer / Fall 1992

Inside Front and Back Covers: TheProlificPamphleteer

p.8       editorial

p.10       News Items
Alex Fulton + LiveArtPress


p.13       Free Music in Berlin       Bert Noglic

p.14       Edge 92
      Ronnie Kael

p.16       New York: The Sound Factory
       John Paul Jones

p.18       The Curtain Rises
      Roland Miller

p.22       Harry Mathews Interview
       Ed Baxter

p.30       Women's Art Practice/ Man's Sex
      Naomi Salaman

p.36       Early Years of the 57       GeraIdene Prince


p.42       ArsElectlonica       CliveGillman

p.43       One Minute TV
       Nicky Hamlyn

p.44       Recent European Festivals
Jane Rigby

p.46       German VIdeo Art 1976-1990
Louise Crawford

p.47       Sheffield Media Show
      Alan McLean

p.48       New Visions
       Louise Crawford


p.50       LMC Festival
      Chris Blackford


p.52       File Under Popular

p.53       Improvisation
      Jas Sherry

p.53       Cultural Studies
       Simon Brown

p.55       Poll Tax Rebellion
       Jim Ferguson

p.56       Creatures Time Forgot
      Jo McNamara

p.57       Storming the Reallty Studio
Alan Robertson

p.58       Technoculture
      Richard Wright

p.59       Book for the Unstable Media. The GIobalisation of HighTechnology Production

p.60       Recent Comics
       Grame Johnstone


p.62       Recent Art in Glasgow
      Craig Richardson

p.62       Edge 92
       Simon Grant

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