Variant issue 13

Angry Press Art Works       p.2

A few words       p.3

Read My Lips       p.4
An Interview With Simon Watney

Le Vi sue I et L'ecrit       p.8

Moke Sure You're Connected       p.10

After The Heat
Interview With Brian Eno       p.16

Audio Reviews
Company Week 1992       p.22

Chris Blackford

Nerve Net : Brian Eno       p.23
Peter Suchin

Five Floors : Hans Peter Kuhm       p.24
Nick Couldry

...Off the Wall : Recent records reeled off at random       p.25
Ed Baxter

Total Plug       p.27
Malcolm Dickson

Project Reviews
Lux Europae       p.28
Ross Sinclair

Jizo Garden       p.29
Malcolm Dickson

Andrew Stone & Louise Wilson       p.30
Jon Jordan

Mute 3 : Terry Atkinson       p.31
Peter Suchin

TransMedia Exile       p.32

Exile & Exhiliration       p.36
Interview With Genesis P. Orridge

Print Reviews

Rhythmajic       p.42
Mogg Morgan

Sound by Artists       p.43
Phil England

Stephen Cripps - Pyrotechnic Sculptor       p.44
Simon Herbert

Against Art & Artists       p.45
Simon Brown

Media Reviews

Edinburgh International Film Festival       p.46
Catherine Brindley

European Media Arts Festival       p.47
Kate Elwes

ACM SIGGRAPH '92       p.48
Richard Wright

The Odd Couple? : Arts & Broadcasting Conference       p.49
Malcolm Dickson

Moscow Art Now       p.50

Richard Demarco's Edinburgh Arts       p.54
From The Earth To The Sun

New Queer Cinema       p.60
Money Is'nt Homophobic

ANNPAC       p.62
The Status Of The Canadian Artist

Letters       p.68

Haute Couture       p.70

Seizing The Media       p.72

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