Variant issue 15

editorial       p.3

hanging from the clock face       p.4
pat kane

the conception of fotofeis       p.8
marshall anderson

venice biennale       p.12
simon herbert

a history of the third eye centre       p.14
cordelia oliver

steve reich interview       p.20
mark prendergast

project reviews

The Morning After the Eighties : Elsie Mitchell, Birmingham Billboard Project, and Intermedia Gallery       p.26
Ross Sinclair

Locate       p.28
Rose Frain

Intervening Spaces       p.30
Mark Little

Lost and Found       p.31
Jo McNamara

Public and Private       p.33
Lorna Waite

Borderlands       p.35
Mark Durden

Tyne International       p.36
Louise Wilson

cornelius castoriadis interview       p.40

audio reviews

London's Secret Spaces       p.44
Chris Blackford

Recent Record Releases 1       p.46
Ed Baxter

Recent Record Releases 2       p.47
Alastair Dickson

Recent Record Releases 3       p.48
Rob King

David Cunningham       p.50
Nicky Hamlyn

european experimental festivals       p.52
phil england

print reviews

From the OffBeat... to the DeadPan       p.54
Graham Johnstone on Comix Culture

Caribbean Artists Movement       p.56
Jim Kelman

Cassette Mythos       p.57
Billy Clark

Velvets to the Voidoids       p.58
Stewart Home

Contemporary Scottish Painting       p.59
Euan MacArthur

The Future of Ritual / The Decadence of the Shamans       p.60
Simon Brown

Illuminating Video / Video by Artists 2       p.61
Sean Cubitt

gender & technology       p.64
catherine elwes

media reviews

Channels of Resistance; 'Manufacturing Consent' & 'The Nation Erupts'       p.68
Malcolm Dickson

Semblances Video Works       p.69
Helen Cadwallader

Live on Public Access       p.70
Lennart van Oldenborgh

Blue Black Permanent       p.71
Louse Crawford

New Directions in Interactive Media       p.72
Richard Wright

summer solstice       p.73
Fabian Tompsett

bill douglas       p.74
colin mcarthur

boycott stockhausen       p.76
stewart home

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