Variant issue 16 Winter / Spring 1994


Ashley Cook's prints photographed by Simon Starling

Editorial       p.2

Reviews : Projects & Live Arts

Power & Responsibility       p.18
Sam Ainsley

Burner and Before The Kiss       p.20
Bob Last

Tony Oursler and       p.20
Beyond Destination

Finnegans Wake       p.23
Julian Gibb

National Review of Live Arts       p.26
Ewa Gaciag

Outpost       p.27
Julie Boyne

3 Projects / 3Talks       p.27
Billy Clark

Reviews : Print

Conspiracy of Good Taste       p.50
AIistair Dickson

Symbols of Survival       p.51
Euan MacArthur

In the Fascist Bathroom       p.52
Stewart Home

Power Works/Power Plays       p.53
Simon Brown

Reviews : Media

Midnight Underground       p.58
Barry Hale

Media Arts Festival       p.61
Helen Sloan

Naked City       p.62
Julie Boyne

Reviews : Audio

SoundscapeTherapy       p.36
Robert M King

CD reviews       p.37
Ed Baxter & Phil England

Articles : Previews

Winterschool       p.4
Keiran Gaffney

The City as a Work of Art       p.8
Andrew Guest

Articles : Reports

Bonfire of the Architeclural Vanities      p.10
Louise Crawford

Our Tactic, against the Literary Establishment      p.68
Stewart Home

Articles : Insights

Operation Irma       p.46
Lennaart van Oldenborgh

Features : Interviews
Diamanda Galás       p.12
Richard Barrett

John La Rose       p.30
James Kelman


The Destruction of the Avant-Garde       p.42
Simon Ford

The New Primitives       p.54
Alastair Bonnett

Gender & Technology       p.64
Sara Diamond

Letter       p.53

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