Variant issue 3 Autumn 1987


Editorial Quotes/The Spirit of Resistance p.4

Action/Time/Vision.. .news in time-based media p.5

'101 Things To Do With Time' by Alan Robertson
...a survey of time-based work in Scotland up until May'8? p.6

'The Cabinet of Stuart McKenzie' by Peter Kravitz p.10

Exhibition Notices: 'Sites/Positions', 'Discarded Sculptures' p.12

'Notes Originating On Seeing Ian Hamilton Finlay's 'Talismans and Signifiers' by Murdo McDonald p.13

'The National Artists Association' by Roland Miller p.14

'Why Plagiarism?' by Bob Jones p.15

'Is There Such a Thing as a Working Class Aesthetic?' notes by Stefan Szczelkun p.17

'White Trash: Art In Ruins' by Malcolm Dickson p.18

Artist's Page: Adam Geary p.20

'A Scottish Story' by Karen Eliot p.21

Denis Masi interviewed p.25

'Redundant Aesthetics and The Cult of Failure' by Malcolm Dickson p.29

Artist's Page: Peter Thomson p.30

'The Great Divide and The Vigorous Imagination' by David O'Vary p.32

'What Is Political Art?' Notice p.35

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