Variant issue 4


p.4 Editorial - States of Being Actual

p.6 Action- Time- Vision: news, etc.

p.8 Roland Miller: "All mad, drugged or drunk" -
Performance Art from the 70s to the 80s.

p.14 Alex Fulton: Projects U.K. interviewed.

p.16 Alistair Dickson: Screen and Projection.

p.18 Art in Performance: Jane Bartlett, Sabine Buerger, Louise Crawford.

p.19 William Clark: 'AVE '87', audio-visual
experimentc.'i festival in Holland.

p.22 Douglas Aubrey: Video-Documentation and
Installation at the National Review of Live Art.

p.24 Hazel McLaren: Notes on Discord - Einsturzende Neubaten.

p.26 Alistair MacLennan: 'Out the In'.

p.27 Alistair Maclennan interviewed.

p.29 Karen Eliot: 'A Polish Story'.

p.31 Peter Suchin: Post-Modernism and the 'Post-
Modern Debate in Britain': An Introduction.

p.36 Simon Brown: 'Critical Realism' reviewed.

p.38 Lorna Waite: Towards Disrupting the Silenced
- the images of Jo Spence.

p.40 Letter: Ken Curry.

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