Variant issue 5

p.6 'Workers City' Review/Editorial

p.8 1919 - The 40 Hours Strike: newspaper report

p.9 Anonymous Statement

p.10 1919 - The 40 Hours Strike: Willie Gallagher arrested - photo courtesy The People's Palace

p.11 The Cenotaph Project - Class of Rulers - Tim Brennan

p.15 Wallpaper History - Alison Marchant

p.16 A.F.T:E.R. - Artists For The Environment in Rochdale

p.17 Discarded Sculptures/Order Out Of Chaos-
Howard Slater/Paul Haywood

p.24 The Festival of Non-Participation

p.26/27 Billboard Intervention - Roderick Buchanan

p.28 A Footnote to the Festival of Plagiarism - Ed Baxter

p.31 'Collaborations' Review - Alex Richards

p.32 'Crossovers' Review - Stewart Home

p.34 1919 - The 40 Hours Strike: newspaper report

p.35 1919 - The 40 Hours Strike: newspaper report

p.36 The Glasgow Garden Festival Plot - Louise Scullion

p.39 A Balloonist's Story - Karen Eliot

p.42/43 Artists' Pages - Jayne Taylor

p.44 Historical Handshakes - Chris Titterington

p.45/46 Artists' Pages - Pavel Buchler

p.47 An Investigation - Karen Eliot

p.48 The Fortress of St. Peter and St. Paul: Modem Painters Review- Paul Wood

p.50 Skin Myths on the Level of The Real: Third Text Reviewed - Lorna Waite

p.51 The Destruction of Art as an Institution: The Role ofthe Amateur - Peter Suchin

p.54 'Truism' T-shirt Model: Lady Pink - Jenny Holzer*
* Jenny Holzer will be exhibiting in the 'Camouflage' show at the
Third Eye Centre, September/October 1988.

Insert poster: Raising the Red Flag in George Square, the 40 Hours Strike, 1919 - photo courtesy The People's Palace


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