Variant issue 6

Cover by Peter Horobin from 'The Burning'

p.7 Editorial Quotes

p.8 " 'I See the Land of MacBeth': Joseph Beuys
and Scotland" by Charles Stephens

p.12 Caroline Tisdall interviewed by Craig
Richardson and Peter Gilmour

p.14 George Wyllie talking to Murdo MacDonald

p.17 Krysztof Wodiczko interviewed by Malcolm

p.21 Review of Stewart Home's "The Assault on
Culture" by Peter Suchin

p.23 "A Sentence from Adorno" by Richard Gunn

p.25 "Pornography and Eroticism" by Lorna

p.27 "A Neoist Story" by Karen Eliot

p.31 "The Kitchen Cabinet of Marion Coutts" by
Jenny Turner

p.34 Graham Harwood interviewed by Gordon

p.36 "Edge '88: thoughts of an outsider" by
Malcolm Dickson

p.38 "The Resurrection of the Body: Edge '88"
by William Clark

p.41 "Views from an Electronic Attic: video at the
N.R.L.A." by Doug Aubrey

p.45 "Arsenals - Film Forum" at Riga by Vera

p.47 Ivan Unwin interviewed by William Clark

p.50 Letters: John A. Walker, Stewart Home, Ed Baxter, Art in Ruins, John Taylor Caldwell

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